UP College of Music at 100



     My first College week as a “Freshie” or, a returnee from school. We’ve been celebrating it since the start of the school year but, this was the first time that I participated out of the ULTRA major ones (*fist bumps self for having a lazy soul*). We had a Parade earlier which lead our morning classes to be ‘suspended’ (AMEN to that..) and by that, we were also forced to participate in the said parade (no AMEN to that). They made us walk inside our little haven (College of Music) being lead by our Symphonic band and then comes the medyo-fun-kasi-may-bragging-rights-part… WE WE’RE REQUIRED TO WALK AROUND CAMPUS. YES. SA BUONG CAMPUS BES. LIKE BUONG ACADEMIC OVAL BES. With the bragging rights part naman, we felt kind of special because we have a huge tarpo sitting in front of the famous Oble, which I find really cool because it will be the first thing that you will see if you drive along University Avenue. Ang lakas makasigaw ng “MUSIKO AKO, 100th BIRTHDAY KO. CENTENNIAL BATCH AKO BIT*H” … Something like that.

     As we walked around the Acad Oval, we we’re lead by our symphonic band who played songs like, Joy to the World, Pasko na Sinta ko, including, Pak Ganern, Voltes V, Tatlong Bibe, and other novelty songs (GAHD). We got cheered by the other students as we walked along the AO, it’s their way of showing their support to our little community (kasi no kidding, ang liit lang ng population namin). We also stopped in front of Palma Hall and Vinzon’s Hall to sing UP Naming Mahal” (Le School’s Hymn). It had a different impact on people like, the way we sang and performed it on the streets huhu amazeballs.

Summary of it all. LOTSA LAKAD, LOTSA PAWIS, LOTSA PAGOD, BUT! Hella Fun. Making our college life a whole lot better. Thank you CMu! and Happy Birthday~! 🙂


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