Why am I here

Not sure what I am doing here besides I need somewhere I can write and not have to worry about people I know reading it. Somewhere I can say I am tired of this somewhere I can say I hate myself and not worry about others. Somewhere I can be me.. Even if no one ever reads this at least in one place I can be who I am without the fear and worry of what my family or friends will think about what I say.

3 thoughts on “Why am I here”

  1. I feel the same way and I’m also addicted to Goody powders…I ended up in ICU because of them…asprin poisoning… Still take them, though….only one person will miss me when they kill me…sad!!

  2. Usually when I tell people about them they are like huh? I take around 9 to 18 a day just depends. Sometimes I feel like they are the only thing in my life I can control!

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean…they are my source of pain control…I have degenerative disc disease and scared to get on opioids because I might simply kill myself.

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