5. Chaos/updating

So I started a diff one forgetting about this one. Deleted the other one (since someone had viewing ability to it that did not need to see what I was writing anymore). So lets do a quick update.

We moved in, unpacked mostly (don’t think i’ll ever really be dune.) I’m curently in my 3ed try of pregnancy. 

found out hubby was hiding a washer and dryer so now i have two washers hooked up! the dryer he had needs some work dune so plan on looking in to that and eaither tossing it or hooking it up too.

hubby is away for school this month, JD is starting school on the 12. XL is growing supper fast. 

step dad got me a fence so after hubby gets back plan on installing that! so excited for a fenced in yard with the dogs. 

have a grape vine in our back yard so impatiently waiting for those to be ready. Tried one this morning yeah not even close lol.

Last week I had MIL stay over for the week, the plan was for her to be here the hole month since hubby is at school and all well that didn’t work so she is going crazy or something (will go in to that more in another post)

last weekend was my birthday, my freezer went out… which sucked… but figured it out and now have a new one. and made an insurance claim all with out hubby. so much adulting going on since hubby left.

hmm trying to think if there is anything ells… prob not. Well I will write before bed and update my day and a few other thoughts. 

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