I feel bad for S. 2nd day of the new school year and says to me “mom I don’t think this middle school thing is going to work out for me.” I told him he has no choice. He says he does – I could home-school him.  Never. I would be the worst teacher.  He says he doesn’t want to go to school because he’s tired, but I just think he has a hard time being in school. He’s a friendly kid.  Has lots of friends. He’s intelligent. It’s the chaotic environment that I think he struggles with.  I don’t think he can focus in it. We will start him on his meds again. And I have the name of a therapist that I need to get him to who is highly recommended for kids like S. 

Now for me. Why have I been sitting here for nearly an hour doing everything but calling the supplier that I am supposed to be calling? Why is it so difficult for me to do this? And now I’m falling asleep.  I could get up and walk around.  But how many times a day am I allowed to do that? If I took a walk every time this happened, for sure I would get nothing done.  

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