Need advice



Hush…be quiet ,don’t say a word

My hearts racing and I’m pacing and I’m over overthinking.STOP before he knows you’re here

He’s going to know i know should i stay or should i go I’m waiting and just contemplating if it’s worth it If he’s worth it.

I love him

Or at least that’s what i think

You can’t love someone who constantly hurts you,HUSH

Stop thinking so much  

He walks through the door and i remember the look on his face

The way he stared at me with disgrace like i was misplaced and that i needed to be replaced with someone who could give him space and pack their suitcase when he wants them to leave.

There’s tears in my eyes i know he went to see her  

He touches my face and i start to lose my train of thought until i smelled her perfume

The smell of the ladies room where she grooms herself shed been on him and NO i’m not saying she smells like the ladys bathroom i’m saying she smells like someone who sells her love for a simple 50 bucks she smells like cigarettes and sweat.

He tells me he loves me i tell Him HUSH

If you loved me then why is there another girl why are you playing with my heart in not a toy but i’ve come to realize that you’re your mommas boy  and will be nothing but a grocery boy who bags up people’s emotions and throw them away as if they meant nothing

But i….HUSH

Stop talking i’m not finished  

You said you chose me that you loved me and would never desert me or do anything to hurt me

But look at us now

Look where we are now

Look the damage you’ve caused

You took advantage and now you can’t even manage

How to look at me

How to speak to me

But don’t worry because as time goes by you’ll be dead to me and everything you meant to me will all be just memories maybe its best i leave. All you are is negative energy

When im with you i feel like fish out of water suffocating because there’s no water  but i force myself to try and breathe without water because that what you said was best for me but we all knew i was blind and you were testing me

Trying to get the best of me

Saying and doing things you thought were best for me

And now i’m left hurting

But the crazy thing is you’re still with her

And now you’re claiming she’s what’s best for you but we all know that’s not true

She’s using you just like you did me

she’s testing you

And all i can do is wish the best for you.

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