Day 192 – Nothing can ruin my day

Tuesday, September 6th 2016

Today was incredible! I am so excited for a new project at school. I should start from the beginning of the day though.

I spent all morning looking for my TARDIS shirt and ended up just wearing this random shirt, because I was going to be late for my bus. I felt insecure for a while and felt as if everyone was pointing and talking about me, especially in the bus. I prayed and prayed for the worry to leave me and later on, it did.

Once I went into coding class, I was still insecure, but it was slowly fading away. The computers FINALLY work, but videos don’t, so it’s hard to learn without having a visual, so instead I messed about on my phone a little, like many others did.

I then had alimentation and we worked on some papers about materials as well as started to correct them. Nothing much.

I then had lunch and I was going to sit with Kohai since I couldn’t see my usual group, but one eventually came along and I went back. I also had Kraft Dinner (macaroni and cheese, since I know in the US it’s called that instead), and then we talked about how one of my close friends is gonna try to be the school’s mascot for this year. I was told that if I ever see our mascot to run, or else she’s gonna give me a hug. It’s a polar bear in a gladiator suit (cause that’s very popular and I get tired of it though—the gladiator outfit I mean).

Now this is the class that made my day. I had communication technology and we had to pick our groups. Our teacher was going to assign subjects to each of us to learn and it was by picking a number from 1-10 or 1-15. I was nominated the speaker to pick the numbers (way to pick the shy one, except, for this class I really don’t mind, I love this class so I’ll be a leader) and although we were one of the last two teams to choose, we got what we wanted, which was radio (podcast)! Our teacher said we had to separate 2 to 3 because we were 5 and only 3 can fit into the recording studio at the time, and Kohai and I clung to each other, because of our idea to fangirl over some subjects. We were disappointed at first when we saw what we had to do : “talk about news and school events, etc.” but when we asked if we could do it differently, our teacher said it was just a student example and we were once happy again. Now we have to watch some movies and shows that one of us haven’t watched (Netflix is our homework, haha) so that we can talk about them during our podcast. We’re really excited for it, cause we’re gonna have a commentary, news related to the subject (Comic Con, actors, etc.) and then take personality quizzes (which some are gonna be hard at times, because things like X Company don’t have many fan made things, but Star Wars and Harry Potter is gonna be a breeze, and we split them into 2 episodes each since there’s many movies in both series).

Finally we had math class and I was kinda confused about something, but I know how to do it, so I suppose that’s enough, just didn’t understand what it was exactly. We didn’t have any homework because our teacher forgot we don’t have a textbook yet. 

Once I got home I talked to my dad about the project and if I could see Suicide Squad since we wanted to talk about that movie. Both Kohai and I want to see it, but he doesn’t seem too convinced cause of the morals. Hopefully I can ask him again and he accepts, if not we’ll just use another option we can’t use because we ran out of place.

I moderated the server quite a bit and there was this one guy that joined and I was going to ask to change their name, and they almost left because of it, but I insisted to stay (bad mistake). They were hitting on me, then were a complete jerk cause I turned them down. They wrote a message to another player and that player relayed it to me (felt bad for breaking the new player’s trust, but they did the right thing). They were immediately banned by the owner for their disrespect. It didn’t keep me mad though; nothing can ruin my day. I’m glad my sensitivity is going down a bit. Yes, makes me very empathetic, but I don’t have to get sad cause of someone on the internet. I’m glad I don’t care who insults me on there anymore unless it’s someone I’ve known for a while.

I played some Dead by Daylight and now I’m gonna go watch some Doctor Who. I also have to remind myself to buy something for one of the owners that he really wants and can’t afford it, because they don’t have jobs right now and are trying to find one, since the only one that had a job quit because of a physically harmful boss that was stressing him out.

Also, I realized since I’m happy the past few days, I’m so patient with the players on the server and just generally very polite, not that I usually am not—just much more.

That’s all for today.


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