Dem Fighting Words

“No one likes you because you’re so aggressive.”

The words ring sharply in my ears.

Granted it’s late at night and I’m worn out from homework, but it doesn’t make the words any less painful.

Earlier today, we were having a meeting for building leaders. It’s a committee of sorts. I want to be President of it, and my friend is running against me. We were joking around having and this girl who signed up to be secretary tells me that. I didn’t think much of it then, but now it cuts pretty deep.

I’ve always been very violent, very loud, and yes aggressive. That’s just the way I am. I am not afraid to speak my mind or speak up when something occurs that I disagree with. There’s a reason it’s hard for me to make friends. 🙁

I’m going to take a shower and get into bed. It’s late, goodnight.

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