I will always care

I guess things are never supposed to happen more than two times for me when it comes to you. But that’s okay, I’m not mad. A part of me is happy to make peace with the unfinished business that 2009 Lena wanted so bad. The other part of me still hopes that this wasn’t the last of it. I think I am content. I told you I was leaving for overseas soon, we thought we might be able to catch up on Sunday seeing as you are heading to Tasmania for a month. But you never got back to me. I understand if you couldn’t catch up. But I am a bit surprised you didn’t throw a courtesy message out there? Were you worried I would be upset? Or did you simply forget? I am not sure and now I am too worried to message you for the sheer fact that I might be becoming a burden for you. I never want that. So I am just going to leave it and hope that you are not sitting there thinking I hate you or something. Because I don’t. I want to talk to you again. I want to see you again. But who knows? Maybe I will shoot you a message in the near future. That could potentially put both our minds at ease. But for now, I am going to ride this out and hope that there is a slight chance that you do reach out to me again. Funny though, I no longer have this feeling like we are meant to be or that you are ‘the one’. But I can’t shake how much I feel and care about you. It really is unreal and goes beyond the genuine idea of caring about someone. I think it is because no guy has made me feel as if they care about me as a person. I hope that is how I feel about you forever.   

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