My Tuesday journal

Tuesday the beginning of the work for this week. It didn’t take much for me to get back on the track of what I was doing from last week. The theme project is moving forward and I’m anticipating for the implementation on live site. This seems like a something we need a better structure with. How we work together effectively to get this go on live. We will see how it works this time and improve as we go on. Work was okay overall and took little bit of time to look around favorite restaurant app. I did realize it still needs lots of work but nothing is urgent. I will take my time to get this done and set small goals as I go on. The goal for this time is load the data and save the data at Firebase with proper ID and relationship to friends list. Well, sounds like a lot of work lol.

Went to skating after work at downtown LA. Also, my roommate told me that she got 50 mbps internet which turned out to be 10 mbps lol I don’t know where she’s getting that from. Anyways, skating in DTLA was lots of fun as usual. It makes me feel so much better. Although it is still a small group, I really enjoy doing this and my 360 is finally getting little better. I just need to spent more time on skate to get the muscle memory. Ended up at the Mexican restaurant and had a bottle of beer there. Drove back home and took a shower. 12:10 AM now. gotta go to sleep for tmw. I didn’t go to gym this morning but I will try again tmw morning 🙂

Goodnight All.

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