Response #1


2:45 PM

I posted an ad on Kijiji a few weeks ago offering wedding decor items for rent and I finally got a response. She was only interested in my backdrop, but hopefully I can convince her to take on my other services. I really think I’d be good at this. It’d be fun to help brides organize decor, appointments, logistics, etc. I could also make a lot of fucking money renting out my items and running errands. Wedding planners in my city don’t do shit. I’d like to be more of an assistant/gopher. Or, bitch if you will. Someone to pick something up and drop it off if you’re too busy which as a bride, you absolutely will be. Even someone to do the research for you. I can picture myself presenting little portfolios of dresses, cakes, etc. and having the bride choose the one she liked best. 

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