The best things about fall..

The Best Parts of Fall…

So I have unfortunately been slacking on me writing and I think I need to dive back in so I am going to take some time to write several entries today to try and catch up. A lot has happened and instead of focusing on the negative I am going back to my original purpose of this journal which is self reflection. A question a day…

Fall is my favorite season, the smell of the colder air in the morning, the crunch of the leaves under your feet I fall in love every time. Fall has all of my favorite things, it has the cold mornings where you wake up snuggled under the covers not wanting to move but feeling the cool air coming through the window. My house is always so clean because the windows are open and there’s something about cleaning with fresh air that makes it so worthwhile. The apple picking, then the apple pie and crisp, luckily it’s sweatshirt season so the extra 3 lbs you gain doesn’t matter.

It’s perfect weather to have a cook out and actually enjoy being outside without sweating and then at night the fires in the yard. Did I mention the bugs are gone!!! There’s something therapeutic about sitting by the fire with people you love, drinking and laughing, occasionally crying. Those are the nights that turn into mornings and you look back thinking how lucky you are. Plus if you recall my previous post about my favorite places, I love sitting on the porch in NH with a blanket in the morning watching the sun come up with some hot cocoa. That is only accomplished in the fall or early winter otherwise you’re just sweating while watching it come up and listening to the tourists run to the beach haha.

Then there’s Halloween and the haunted houses, the horror movies on TV and trick or treaters. It starts to get a bit darker sooner which I love, there’s less pressure on yourself to stay out late just “because the sun is still out!” The candles that smell like apple and cinnamon, I just feel so cozy.

I genuinely love fall, it has always been my favorite season and I am so glad it’s this time of year again. The trees shed their dead leaves so beautifully, it reminds us that it’s okay to let things go and let other things start fresh in the spring.


“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go”



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