It’s been so long since I last touched my board. I wanted to go out at night but I’m really really tired from all that’s happening in our college the past 2 weeks and I just wanna lay down and rape my bed instead :(. I can’t squeeze all the things that I wanted to do; Performances, School, Home Study, Rehearsals. As much as I wanted to bomb some hills, lack of time and energy hinders me juju. Same goes with my gaming life. GOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH. Yung feeling na: wala na ngang PC, wala pang time para mag unwind.” It kinda sucks to be me right now, but isang malaking SH*T, I really love what I do. I love the feeling of being a student again. Having my brain get an Ultra boost is a total culture shock pero, Heck, school has never been this fun. It’s just that, maybe, I’ve been on the very chill side for a very long time and I totally forgot how to manage my time (relak pa bhe).

     As for gaming, nakakasingit-singit pa naman siya in my time, but very minimal. Like, 2-3 hours a day ain’t half as bad for a pretty tight schedule. Also, I get to talk to my friends from the gaming side. Unlike dati, I can sit in front of the computer for more than 8 hours (sh*t ko lang ‘di ba?) then skate for 4-5 hours kapag hindi mainit or hindi nagka-tamaran. I just really hope that I can adjust na with how my life is rolling now. juju

For now… Chill muna si baby killer ko. 🙁

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