One thought on “Confuzled”

  1. Your journal entry reminds me of John 9 in the Bible. When Jesus had healed the blind man, the Pharisees demanded the formerly blind man to agree “don’t you know he’s a sinner [Jesus]?” The poor, bewildered man said “One thing I know. I was blind but now I see.”
    It is good to have one thing you know, you stand on, you believe with all your heart, your rock, your safe place in your mind. Ask yourself what one thing you REALLY know. Here are some examples if that will help. You only need to pick one.
    Jesus loves me. I am a loving person. God is good, in Him is no darkness at all. I love and trust Jesus. I will pray every day. I know God hears me and cares. I am not alone. Just starters. Find one that fits you. It can be very simple: I love waterfalls. Something you know that you know. I hope this helps a little, dear.

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