Day 193 – Another good day

Wednesday, September 7th 2016

Today was another good day. I had alimentation first which we corrected all period and I don’t mind.

Then I had coding and our teacher was absent. He gave us some videos to watch, but one of them stopped half way. I only did a little before I talked to one of the owners of the server on Discord.

At lunch I sat with Kohai and we talked about soundtracks for the podcasts, since we need songs in there and we decided to pick soundtracks from the movies or tv shows we’ll be talking about.

We then had math and we started learning something I don’t feel comfortable with yet, so I need to practice. We also got our textbook, but it’s borrowed from another school… so I totally wrote about our school, haha, but don’t worry, it’s in the sign your name page at the front. I never write on the actual work pages.

Finally, we had our technology class. Kohai and I planned our episodes length and looked for soundtracks, then started watching X Company since that’s gonna be one of the shows we’re gonna talk about. I had a scary moment where our other half of the team thought we were supposed to do only 6 each instead of our own things, but the teacher clarified that we are doing our own things and not separating them, so Kohai and I are relieved.

When I got home I tried concentrating on math homework, but I didn’t want to, so I was on the server a little. Then I finished it and played DBD with the owners for one game, playing a few on my own then going downstairs to watch Doctor Who.

That’s all for today.

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