Describe the happiest moments of your life…

It’s been a few weeks since i have come on the site. Honestly it’s not that i haven’t thought about it but rather i find it difficult to fit in time to write. My emotions have been very up and down recently so i wanted to try and channel some positive energy by writing a nice post.

There are two particular memories that i would say are probably the real definition of happiness for me. I even remember in those moments wanting to hold on and capture the memory in all its glorious details.

The first memory was somewhere in my early 20s. It was bonfire night which has always been one of my favourite festivals. I was out with my little brother Timmy and my 2 female best friends. We decided to go and see the local fireworks display which also had a funfair with lots of crazy rides and cotton candy stalls. The girls and i started early and were already blissfully tipsy although Timmy was oblivious of this. Already in excitably high spirits, we decided to check out the rides and stalls before the fireworks display started.

We got on a ride which consisted of a huge wheel with individual panels where we were required to stand with straps securing us into place. As i stood with butterflies running riot in my belly from the excitement, i remember looking to my left at Timmy already holding on tight to the straps across his chest and then to my right at one of my female best friends giggling for no reason at all. This got me giggling and before long everybody strapped into the wheel was whistling and hollering in excitement for the ride to start.

I remember the feeling of weightlessness as the ride started to spin and lift up into the starry sky. I screamed as loud as i could as the wheel got to its highest point and then fell silent in astonishment as i realised the fireworks had started and were going off in the sky. I remember stiffening my neck to look as the multicoloured lights seemed to burst not above me but rather all around me. It was absolutely beautiful and I was mesmerised with a huge smile on my face. I remember peering over at Timmy as the lit up sky whirled around me, my smile widened as i saw that he also was watching the display with a gasp expression on his face. I remember feeling warmth in my chest of happiness in that moment and wanted to remember it forever which i guess i have.

My second happy memory was more recent around 3 years ago when i was on holiday in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. My friend M and i wanted to do something exciting, memorable and unforgettable. We decided to try parasailing which proved to be the most amazing experience of my life until date. For those that don’t know, the activity consists of heading out to sea on a speed boat, being strapped to a huge parachute and slowly being released by a rope from the boat out into the open sky to heights of 150 metres.

The day we got to Taurito to parasail i remember standing on the sea shore with the sun shining down on us at a beautiful 30 degrees. The water, a beautiful blue was shimmering and the sky was clear, not to mention the amazing scenery of cliffs on both sides of us closing the seashore into a unique U shape which was not really like anything I’ve ever seen before.

We set out on the boat, wearing life jackets as the instructors explained what will happen. I remember when we were ready and the boat was stationary my belly was doing flips with nervousness, excitement and adrenaline. We were strapped to the joint parachute side by side and i remember screaming hysterically as my feet left the security of the boat deck. I’m smiling now thinking about it but i was astonished as we were steadily released into the open sky and the faces of the instructors got smaller and smaller until the entire boat was literally smaller than my little finger in the distance. I remember looking directly bellow at the sea rippling below us and feeling the most amazing feeling in my chest. I remember thinking; this is what it feels like to fly. I looked at the beautiful cliff tops level with us and open sky around us and was mesmerised by the views and the quietness as we floated 150 metres above the sea. I could have stayed up there for much longer but unfortunately it was only for around ten minutes.

I remember feeling true peace and happiness in that ten minutes and it is a memory i will remember for the rest of my life and surely one i am excited to do again. Yes I’m a super adrenaline junkie!

I hope you enjoyed exploring my happiest memories with me. Thank you for reading. I would love to hear about any fond memories you have in the comments section 🙂


3 thoughts on “Describe the happiest moments of your life…”

  1. Hi, Open Book! Good to hear from you again! I am not a daredevil like you. Wow, those things sound so exciting and scary!
    I know the happiest moment of my life. I gave birth at home, with no meds, just a midwife (1978) and my husband. We had music playing softly (Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Neil Diamond.) After a lot of pushing, Ana pushed out of me and the midwife slipped a receiving blanket around her and put her in my arms. She was wide awake alert (because of no meds) and she immediately made eye contact with me; I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. She was bloody and cheesy and we didn’t cut the cord right away—my husband did, after a while, and tied it with dental floss. I didn’t want to ever let her go. She started nursing right away. It was almost more happiness than I could stand after 11 hours of labor (which is very mild for a first baby). I was tired but so excited! She was real! And I could hold her in my arms and nourish her with my body! It was like a miracle to me, as if no one had ever experienced this before in all the world and time. Just me. So blessed. She grew into a darling charming little girl with long brown hair and eyes brown like mine. Hope I didn’t write too much… carried away remembering!! Thanks for asking!

  2. Savedbygrace Thankyou for sharing such a precious and beautiful memory 🙂 it wasn’t too much at all, it was wonderful to read. No meds, you brave lady xx

  3. I envy you, savedbygrace… I gave birth in a hospital and due to internal tissue rupture I lost a LOT of blood very quickly and I am only alive because they got me into the surgery room in time. I missed the first hour of my daughter’s life. However, I am thankful for all the hours that followed.

    I think the question here is a difficult one. If it’s about deep, lasting happiness, it would probably be watching my daughter and being proud of her. This happiness always comes with a little sadness however, because it frightens me to think of how much I need and love her and how worried I will be until the end of my life or hers.
    If it’s about a moment that makes you laugh and scream and cry tears of joy, the most recent one that comes to my mind is when my sister won her first cosplay contest. I knew she deserved it, but she was so new to the craft and unknown and then the jury members made that long dramatic pause and I was totally relaxed because I honestly did not expect them to call her name, but they did! It was surreal and it changed her life and I was very happy for her.

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