My journal for Wednesday

Typical day! I again missed the gym in the morning although I woke up on time. I was too lazy to actually get up and leave the apartment to work out. Yes, I feel little shame of that then work all day as usual. Worked on the theme project most of the day going through all the pages to make sure it will work on the live site. Still not sure till I test it tho so I’m talking to project manager and CTO to get the environment set up for me to test. It will take some time but it will eventually go live. Just can’t wait to see that happening.

We had a dev team lunch together at Soupplantation. Again ended up eating too much. Left office around 6:30 PM then went out to have dinner with Dosung. I finally got to try the all you can eat Korean BBQ place that I wanted to go long time ago when I lived here. Pretty decent but not great. We walked back to his place then I took an Uber back.

Time flies these days. I will work tomorrow on Thursday and will be out of town till Sunday. Kind of excited but gets me worried little bit at the same time that I don’t really feel like I’m moving forward with my own product. I will take time and I know that. I just need to keep think and act. 10:54 PM already! writing a journal on the rooftop of my building. Love this chill breeze here. Will probably go to sleep for the gym tomorrow morning.

Goodnight All 🙂

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