Spirit of the Phoenix

Today was very weird, i didnt get any sleep last night. I woke up feeling regular i guess for the most part. I have a broken wrist and fractured fingers from fridays car accident but the scripts and liquor is helping to subdue the pain. I feel like life is is crazy and so chaotic now. Im literally trying everything to find peace im every situation. On a positive note im driving a nice rental that makes me feel really good.lol.  I’m currently @ school waiting to learn i guess. Damn why did i major im psychology. All these damn APA papers are driving me crazy. I have faith though, hoping constantly for the best. I have to log off now my teacher is saying “Jovan, get off your phone.” Ill write maybe later or maybe tommoro anyways goodnight , & always remember love peace and harmony is the way

3 thoughts on “Spirit of the Phoenix”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry for the car accident, but I’m also really glad you’re still okay. It makes me feel good that you want to continue learning. Most people just give up, but you obviously didn’t. You are right, we shall hope for the best. 🙂

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