I am a girl who is broken

I wonder if I will ever be okay

I hear them whispering about me

I see their glares and stares

I want them to like me

I am a girl who is suffering

I pretend that I am okay, a smile that show cases that I am happy

I feel my demons eat away at my mind

I touch my friend, my one true compainion,  to my skin

I worry that I will be abandon, rotting, whimpering like a forgotten toy

I cry when the feeling gets to much, when it gets unbearable, then my body shuts down

I am a girl who is being eatin’ alive

I understand that the length of my life is on my own terms

I say that I am okay and nothing is wrong

I dream of a life where I am happy

I try to get better but, I know I never will

I hope this pain will go away

I am a girl who is no more


One thought on “WordVomit6”

  1. Dear Jxssxcx, you need to believe you will get better, that life will get better for you. You are not alone. God is with you and loves you. Talk to Him. He is your bff. He will help you every step of the way. Know that He is listening and will help. Blessings to you, dear girl.

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