6. Cloth diapers

So I have just been go go go. Yesterday the new, new born cloth diapers came in to the mail. So I spent the day cleaning and organizing them along with unpacking the new born cloth I already owned. Got it all packed up and ready to go to the hospital in Nov. 

With my order I ended up getting a free pocket which I LOVED. So want to get more pockets from them. Trying to figure out how to convince hubby that spending another 100 (to get another free diaper) is worth it lol. I’m so in love with the nicki’s diapers!

I honestly want to figure out how to sell some of my current stash to buy more nicki’s diapers NO joke.  I think when hubby gets home I’m going to suggest doing just that. Because I HATE the velcro diapers at this point with XL and would just like to be able to get rid of them completely. Along with some of the other all in ones I’m not really a fan of but pulled out of storage because with Tobi coming I would end up needing all the diapers possible. So if I can sell and re place them with more preferred diapers that would be so amazingly awesome.  

Especially since not all of them are chinese cheapies like all the g-diapers and the rumparooz do actually have value. And being XL was allergic to the g-diaper pouch thing once you get to size small I wont even bother trying to use them other then the nb ones on Tobi. That and I’m so not in to all in one diapers I think they take way too long to dry and crap. (just not my thing) 

So I think today I’ll prob go threw the stash and put in a box what I would like to sell and see if hubby will help list everything. Because trust me I have no desire to keep any of the lot of MF inserts either sell thaws for 5ocents each and make 10$ and save space lol. 

Also may be able to get rid of the happy flutes that I’m not a fan of and just sell them in a lot or something. Along with the girl prints I have since Tobi is going to be our last 3 boys don’t need purple and pink diapers lol (just came with the pre-owned stash when I bought it) 

My only worry is it is a pet friendly house so but smoke free so hopefully people will still be interested. 

Yeah I know cloth diapers cloth diapers cloth diapers but every time a new little one is about to apear it seems my whole world becomes consumed with them. Buying them cleaning them organizing them lol. This time hopefully selling off the ones I don’t like and getting new ones *fingers crossed*


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