A Happy Friday!

Good morning World!

Such a beautiful day out this fine morning!

So many random thoughts to put down this morning….

I woke up at the normal time of 5:00 am, but since I am off from work I rolled over and slipped back into a deep, sweet sleep. I  had stayed up late playing on my phone. I am off from work today, so I am blessed with a day home.

Last evening I placed a Have-A-Heart Trap at a place where I noticed that something had been digging under the fence. Well this morning I had a little bunny in my trap. I gave it a hand full of spinach and released it in the backyard. My backyard is fenced, the fence is solid vinyl going into the ground. It is relatively safe for the critters as even feral cats cannot get in. And Maggie, our Pit Bull is a sweet thing and loves the bunnies and chipmunks, watching over them, but she does have a huge dislike for cats since one did get in this little sanctuary and attack her. I feel I had a little blessing from God in finding this sweet little creature in my trap.

I am ultra stoked! This morning I go to pick up my new Indian motorcycle! It is not fully finished, but the remaining parts are on back order and they will call me when the luggage rack and bumpers arrive. They should be here by the 500 mile service, which will be a few day I think!

Did really good yesterday pain wise, until I worked on installing a new valve body and supply line on one of the commodes upstairs. I had to lay in the floor twisted in a bad way to get the connection and last night at bed time the pains in my back and hips were screaming again. I took my pain meds and the muscle relaxer and by the time I fell asleep I was pain free. This morning I am a bit stiff, but doing well. I have pain medicated to get in front of things since I will be riding today for a bit.

I am blessed with a wonderful job that allows me time off like this, I have a wonderful four day weekend. Once back home today I have to get things done around the house, laundry, clean the kitchen, grocery shopping and move things around in the family room to make a bed for Debbie down here. We have a daybed I am moving downstairs for here as post-op she will stay down here for 6 weeks as she has to be 100% non weight bearing on her right leg. Her wheelchair can navigate down here, but I do not know what we will do about her job, as her office is upstairs, we will cross that barrier later.

And this afternoon I am going with her to the pain management Doctor, she sees the same group I do, but her results have not been as good as mine I fear. I need to schedule my follow up appointment, I was so giddy and excited yesterday I forgot to make an appointment. I am waiting on a call from a back surgeon, that is a follow up, to see if surgery will help, how soon if it would and prognosis. I have been told by my pain Doc that if I take a spill on my bike I will be in  a wheelchair, he is not real happy I ride, but accepts that I do and will as long as I can.

Guess I need to get off from here and get my day going!

Have a blessed and glorious day!

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