Butch: 1; Barbie: 0


4:25 PM

So much for pulling myself together this weekend! A co-worker of mine invited me to play in a soccer tournament Saturday and Sunday. I said yes. Butch: 1; Barbie: 0. I was looking forward to locking myself in the bathroom while I watched The Good Wife, did my make-up and drank a glass of wine, but I want to run more. The last soccer game I had was August 15th. It’s been almost a month since I’ve had a good workout and it disgusts me. I feel so fat and ugly and heavy. I just need to sweat it all out. And given how fucking how it is here that won’t be a problem! 

One thought on “Butch: 1; Barbie: 0”

  1. Oh those wonderful sweet days of youth! I remember playing soccer so many decades ago….
    Congratulations on the recent marriage and also welcome to the 30’s! Those were wonderful years, I am told…
    I am a laundry NUT! I am uber picky about some of my t-shirts, the Harley ones, Grateful Dead, and novelty shirts. I am a blue jeans and t-shirt guy. T-shirts cold delicate inside out only! Air dry and folded a certain way…oh no, no OCD here about the t-shirts…*lol*
    Have a blessed evening and wonderful tomorrow!
    Honored to meet you…*s*

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