Change is Coming

In one of group work today, I asked my teammates what they thought about my leadership style. Tom mentioned that I was much organised and knew how to get things done but sometimes, I can be quite feisty and jump to conclusions when someone doesn’t meet my standards. I’m not going to lie, I was quite taken aback. It definitely hurt hearing. Ouch. Deep down, I knew it was true because my personality has always been like this, I must have sadly inherited my dad’s traits. While Shamma agreed that I was really thorough in my actions but sometimes I would go to fast and not consider other people’s viewpoints. I kind of paused and I told the group, I’m sorry and I don’t mean to. They already knew I was handling other group work so they were very understanding, and suggested, it’s best to ask whenever I need help rather than handling it on my own.

This practical experience was very enlightening and challenging. Sometimes I forget being honest is the best way to go and I really agree with Xiwei saying that for some, being an authentic leader isn’t easy. This is definitely me.

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