Day 194 – Not much

Thursday, September 8th 2016

I’m just gonna jump right in.

Started off with technology. Kohai and I gathered some soundtracks for our podcast episodes. At the end of the class our teacher showed us the podcast room which looks pretty cool.

Then we had math, which it was a full homework period. I’m grateful for that cause it meant less homework when I got home.

I had lunch with my close friends and we talked.

I had coding which the videos now work and I got some work done. At some point my teacher locked my computer by remote control to get my attention and he said that his goal is to make me talk a lot since I’m so quiet. I told this to my brother later today and he said that he did the same thing to him.

I finished with alimentation and we got into groups for cooking. We’re gonna make sugar cookies.

When I got home I talked to my dad if I could see Suicide Squad and he has to think about it. Then I donated 30$ to the server so the owners can have an Assassin Creed item and get some Chinese/Sushi. They’ve been through a lot and don’t have the money for it, so I figured they deserved it. Also played some Dead by Daylight with them.

That’s all for today.

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