Don’t be Loco. Protect your Coco.

     I shut my eyes at around 4:30 – ish AM. I was over the phone with a friend and we’ve been talking for like 5 hours na and as I’m typing this I’m really amazed by how long that convo took. Just pure girl talk. I f*cking missed that. I tried to sleep at around 4:30 am and I can really feel how tired my body is and how heavy my eyes are that time. When all of a sudden, I heard my phone ring. I didn’t look at it because I know it’s a long weekend and alarms/phone calls are not welcome today and I wanted to rest. After 2-3 missed calls, it stopped ringing. And so I slept. A few minutes later someone was knocking on my bedroom door. I reached for my phone and looked at the time, it was 5:30 in the morning and when I opened my door, I saw my friends Val, Frei, Justin and Franco. I was like.. “ehh.. WTF you guys.. It’s like 5:30 in the morning Oh my God :((“. They heard about my class being cancelled for today because of the freshie show and decided to barge in our house with my mom being a part of their gate crashing sh*t.

     So yeah, at first I got grumpy and all that they heard from me was “what the actual f*ck you guys.” but then I remembered, a few days ago I was ranting about how “tumal” my board life is and said “what the heck tara na nga!” even though I was really tired and sleepless. 

14032862_1060982663948954_1489153375_nSo we went off and traveled down south. The original plan was, Up north like Benguet North. And I said if they’re planning to travel that far, I’m not going. (They have this favorite spot in Benguet and they keep on coming back to that place because of the hills and the chilly breeze #hindikapagpapawisan) They must really love me that much to make them change the original plan HEHE. So we went to Batangas instead 😀 (the usual route when going down south. Whoa did that just rhymed?). When we finally got to the spot, we all geared up and grabbed our boards ready to bomb hills. oraaayt!

12530817_1012770268760955_1706284390_nOccasionally, I wear a shirt and comfortable pants (coz yes, when a slide goes wrong, you’ll be sliding through concrete or asphalt with your bum *touches butt* ouch). Today I changed my top for like, 3 times because I’m sweating balls. F*ck ang tagal na rin talaga mula nung may gawin akong any physical activity. The last hour, I changed to a tank top ‘coz f*ck, It’s so hot in Batangas that changing would mean it’s really necessary. To think na it was raining all morning. 

     The moment I changed my top, I immediately jumped back on my board (not fully geared Gags, yabang ko eh HUAHUA). My friend Frei yelled from across the street “Piiie! What are you doing at Where are you going with that (board)? You’re not even geared ya Mofo.” I smiled and she shouted “you could’ve at least put on some sunblock, Sun’s really high today!” and so I did. I was only going for a cruise and practice on a little dancing and some tricks so I thought, yeah I don’t need to wear them today HAHA plus! They already smelled like punyeta na and I just changed my clothes, so.. No. HAHA. I went on the top (of the hill) because the surface there is totally flat and I can practice le tricks there. When just out of the blue, I started to kick to gain some speed. So I kicked then tucked (and yes, without any gears) went downhill. With the hills’ angle, I think I went to an instant 40-50.  HAHA.

     I’ve been doing downhill longboarding for quite sometime now so I thought nothing could go wrong because I kind of know naman na how to stop with only using le foot break. So guess what happened?11258098_1389550124706723_1796398627_n CHANAN~! HAHA I hit a pebble on my way down and lost control of the board. I glided sa board eh and hit the side of my head habang gumugulong ako pababa HAHA! That only time I didn’t wear any protective gear and this happened. HAHA. Whenever I go full gear, no sh*t like this occurs. Tough Luck my friend *iling*. Lesson Learned. NEVER EVER play without any gear HAHAHA. If you don’t want to wear them all, at least put on some helmet. You’ll never know when stuff like this will happen. Lucky for me I only got a bruise on my forehead and road rash on my shoulders down to my hands. NO BROKEN BONES! Hallelujah! HAHA. I’m resting now :). I’m sitting here with a cup of green tea and my laptop while I’m writing this. Moi iz still here not planning to go home anytime soon Hehe.

     My weekend is just starting and I’m already having a blast. Hang Loose you guys~! Happy Weekend 🙂

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