He is my intensity

I talked to him today. The guy that makes my mind wonder if the galaxies contain life, the one that test my trust daily, the man that I love but despise at the same time. Containment keeps him away from me. He has such a brilliant mind, but I think that it becomes his weakness most of the time. We are soulmates and I know that. It is upsetting to say that we will never have a successful relationship. I feel bad for our future spouses. Him and I will always be friends. There is no keeping this duo apart and it will intimidate many people. We need strong lovers. Ones that can keep a hold on us and be confident enough to be around our friendship. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe the spark that happens when we walk into the same room together. He ignites my imagination in ways I never thought possible. Why must something so bad for me seem like the perfect answer?


My ramble is complete, but he will bring the heat to my soul for as long as I live. 


I love you VSR 

2 thoughts on “He is my intensity”

  1. I’ve had that person in my life, and I still haven’t found a girlfriend to be strong enough to survive it. So good luck to you, it’s a long road.

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