September 9,2016

Today I decided to start a journal I’m married to a an amazing man who makes me very happy and we are coming up on our first wedding anniversary which has me super excited. My husband started a new job about a month ago and i’m really happy to say its going great. we are out on the road which is growing our bond. I’m very proud to be standing by my husband while he chases his dreams. He is an exceptionally well welder and i’m beyond proud of him. So with that being said this road travel is rough but if we reach our goals as a couple and one day have a farm like we want and a family then it will be worth it for sure he’s my rock 


One thought on “September 9,2016”

  1. That is so nice to hear! I hope you and husband stay so beautifully in love. I know you’ll be successful in anything you put your mind to. I’m happy you are following your dreams.

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