still making it

I have not contacted Brent since I saw him on Monday. I am so hurt and frustrated. I don’t want to start fucking dating, but I suppose I need to. School is going great. I got asked today to be on a TV show (local cable) on the district’s channel to discuss “initiative” and people to take the initiative. I get to take kids on the show with me. I have to decide.

I love my school kids so much! I am going to be so attached to my last year’s kids if they all spend another year at my school and keep coming to see me. I have such a heart for them. A part of me would like to be a foster parent, but I also would like to be able to travel and have no responsibility. Not even dogs. I have a while to think about it. Until my son leaves home, I am not making any changes. I am going to stay in the same house with the dogs until he moves out. I can think about what I want to do then. I have a perfect little house with a small yard, but at least a yard with a fence so I don’t have to walk the dogs every time they go out and they are able to go out there off leash. 

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