When Food is the Most Exciting Thing In My Life

I am literally sitting at the window, waiting for my food to be delivered. I am starrrrving. They have 2 minutes before they are over the delivery time they projected! 

My eating habits have become so erratic. Either I’m not eating at all because I’m hyper-focused on some project, or I’m eating constantly for no reason while I sleep all day, or I’m eating with large gaps of time between each thing, and it’s the worst food for me I could choose. That’s how it is for me anyways – either I’m eating healthier than the average person without exception, or I’m not eating anything healthy at all.

I’ve been battling a serious sugar addiction lately. Right now I am having a sandwich delivered… with a Monster energy drink, and two 20 ounce Mountain Dews. All 3 beverages will be consumed before day’s end.

Okay. They are officially 5 minutes past their max delivery estimate time. Ugh! This is a new place. I have been ordering lately from Pop’s Pizza and Pasta, which I discovered through an online search motivated by my need for junk food combined with my reluctance to leave the house. This is a place called Pizza Mart. I’m already a dissatisfied customer! But that could change very quickly once my food actually gets here and I eat and get my sugar fix. I tend to get HANGRY. Plus, I’m naturally impatient anyway.

I picked this new place due to their Monster energy drink option, plus their vegetarian sandwich came with 3 cheeses. I had to add those for extra at Pop’s. 

Yeah… this is my life.



3 thoughts on “When Food is the Most Exciting Thing In My Life”

  1. Sweetheart, you’ll be fine. That was kind of my lifestyle back then as well. But lately, I am finding it really hard to eat. There is never actually TIME. My job is keeping me so busy its crazy. LOL. So, mind if I share that sandwich? XD

  2. @Cassie Jordan
    What do you do for work that has you so busy?

    I work with food so I understand the weird relationship people – myself included – can have with it. I also have the same erratic “pattern” as you! All I can say is try to avoid calories through beverages. They’re dangerous! Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, the amount of sugar in them is scary.

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