Day 195 – Interesting school day

Friday, September 9th 2016

Today was alright. I had math first aaaaand we learned new stuff… nothing much.

Then I had communication technology. Kohai and I were planning on watching The Call, but I forgot my Netflix password at home, so we ended up just looking for a bunch of soundtracks. We stayed there at lunch too and finished up, or I almost finished up. I just gotta get some Gotham soundtrack, which one of them is pretty cool. Speaking about watching a movie with her though, Saturday we planned to watch Suicide Squad, but my dad and mom and said no, so we’re just gonna watch Dark Knight, which I don’t mind, since Heath Ledger is amazing.

Then I had alimentation. We did our pre-lab and wrote about different meals the Canadian culture has. I also had my picture taken. Don’t know if it looked good; I think a hair was in my face for one of them, but the woman didn’t say anything so… They used to care how you were positioned and now they just take a picture and they don’t care.

I finished with coding and it went well. Learned some more website stuff. During that time I learned that the owner of which I donated to thought I was buying an item off him and I thought I was giving him the item, so now the owners found that funny. Instead of paying me back and possible getting less money back cause of the exchange rate, they decided to just give me the highest rank on the server, which originally cost more than what I gave extra to them, so I got a good deal on that (pretty much got 60~% off).

When I got home, I played on the server and participated in events. I got a shiny Boldore which I evolved and I won an event, winning me a shiny Hitmonchan as well.

That’s all for today.

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