On edge

Such a busy day today, this weekend is busy full stop.

i feel like all my nerves are jangling about , haven’t felt this way in a while. This interview on Monday is getting to me, Iv practised loads and felt I was great yesterday, then tonight I did it about 4 times and kept stumbling my words etc and now I’m a nervous wreck:( 

dont want to ruin my weekend tho, it’s Mya’s birthday party at our house tomorrow and I want to enjoy seeing her having a good time with all her wee friends. We went to the carnival tonight which was great fun, Mya had a ball on all the bouncy things. She wanted to go on the ladybirds, I went on with her but as soon as it started going she burst into tears and the guy had to stop the ride to let us off ha! Luckily we were the only ones on it otherwise I would have died of embarrassment 2 pounds down the drain too!

iv not been sleeping well either.. Was up at 4am this morning. I hate feeling so nervy and anxious 😔

3 thoughts on “On edge”

  1. I wish you well, too. Are you getting enough calcium and magnesium in your diet or supplements? That can help. But you’ve just had a jam-packed weekend and so much on your mind; I would be jittery too. I pray that your interview goes well and is the beginning of many dreams come true. Bless you.

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