Saturday Around the House….

I am in that glorious 12 minute window where all the laundry is washed and dried!

But now I am entering the fold and put away phase, which is no fun either. I have a ton of Harley Davidson t-shirts from Virginia to St. Kitts that I need to put away in a sealed container for storage, and this should free up a lot of room for my other clothes. Currently I have only one Indian Motorcycle t-shirt, and I am sure more to come.

Feeling good today, have not had to take any pain management medications!!!!

I would love to have left out this morning on a nice long ride on my new Indian, but I remembered that I have not insured it, heck I am still carrying insurance on the Harley I no longer have!

Beautiful day here, blue sky, brilliant sun and hot but not as humid.

I think it will be a nice lazy day of getting things done around the house.

Oh yes, must add in….

I have to rearrange the family room to make room for the daybed down here, I never gt around to that yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Around the House….”

  1. I HATE FOLDING AND PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY! I enjoy washing it (I’m picky with my wash settings), but my husband puts away the laundry 75% of the time because I hate it so much, lol.

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