I’ve been so emotional lately. As usual, a lot of things are happening at once. It’s hard to find time to process everything mentally.

I’m happy…and exhausted at the same time. I’ve been busy working lately. I’ve got more classes…and most of them are quite far away from where I currently live. I know it’s kind of crazy now, but hopefully I can deal with all of them.

Still, the traffic is always another matter. At last, I’ve got two exclusive clients for my writing career. This is like, completely new for me. Not to mention working on my second novel with a friend.

Hopefully, I’m not letting them all down.

I finally removed Russian Mark from my FB. I had to. I know he’d deny it if he ever were confronted, but I feel that he’s been secretly pissed off because I don’t want to date him anymore. I’ve said no to all of his advances. I thought he’d take the hint and just stop asking. I thought we could at least still be fairly friends.

However, he kept bullying me online. It had reached the point where Tommy, one of my friends from the lit squad, couldn’t take it anymore. That nice kid stood up, defending my honour. (I thanked him.)

Then it became a rolling snowball down the hill. More objection was heard from my friends about me still keeping him in my life, even as friends.

Even Hazel Eyes had called me during his holiday in Bali, telling me to unfriend that guy right away. He knew what I was actually up to and he was worried. He didn’t like it.

I’d wanted a revenge. I wanted to hurt Mark the way he’d hurt me…and other women before me. (I have a creepy feeling that they’d gone through worse.)

He’d been toying with my feelings, trying to make me believe that I was that special to him.

Russian Mark will be back here in October. We may run into each other or he might ask me out again, but this time I’ll just say no. No more.

Never again.

Before the argument on FB between him and Tommy would escalate, I scolded Mark for pushing his opinion harshly like he normally does. He made excuses though, since he’s not the type to apologise. (Trust me, a few short months of dating him was enough.)

After that, he still tried to sweet-talk his way back to me. Nice try. He can’t fool me this time. Even all my friends can see right through him.

They’re right: he’s weird and creepy.

Hazel Eyes is leaving on the 23rd and I’m slowly (and silently) counting down. That makes me feel most emotional now…


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