Glorified BJ

So “Andy” currently has a warrant out for his arrest because he skipped his drug test in July which pretty much confirms he’s back on heroine. And my step father is no longer in remission. 

I seem to be the only one who hasn’t made choices I can’t undo or fix at this point. But I’m also not really moving right now. 

I often wonder why people do the things they do. If my sister had listened to me in the beginning (like that would ever happen-haha) she wouldn’t have married a horrible mamas boy with daddy issues and who needs his “free time” instead of spending his “free time” with his wife and kid. I hated the prick in the beginning. That should tell you something folks. If your family doesn’t like him watch out.  Your family will ALWAYS be your family. Dude was a douche. Dude is a douche. Dude was raised by douche parents and will always be a douche. This is the nurture part of nature vs nurture… his father treated his mother like shit his whole life so he thinks it is okay to treat women like doormats… And I’m sure there is a woman out there somewhere who will allow him to treat her like complete shit. Good luck, asshole. 

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