Good Night…

I had a great day!

All the laundry is done! Mine is all put away and organized! Uniforms hung with care ready for next week.

Debbie has been in bed all day, her leg is killing her. No call yesterday, so I guess surgery is delayed for another week.

I have been snacking and eating poorly all day, my blood glucose number tonight is horrid. I stopped taking my Victoza and the abdominal pain is gone and my appetite seems to have returned with a vengeance! I suffered through about two weeks of pain in my gut, something similar to having been hit or kicked in the stomach. While I have been on this med for the past 9 months I have lost 55 pounds, a good thing! I may let my pancreas rest and go back on the Victoza to continue the weight loss.

Tomorrow we are meeting friends for lunch, hopefully going to a favorite little Mexican restaurant. My friend owns it and on Sunday they serve a wonderful Brunch Buffet and he makes the best Colorado Chili ever! I love Colorado Chili over a cheese omelet, low carb, high protein!

Then my project for tomorrow will be to make the kitchen spotless. I want the house all clean and straight as Debbie’s mom will be here to help with her postoperatively.

And once done with that I am going to get my leather chaps out to work on. I bought a pair at the Blue Ridge Bike Fest last year and in my excitement and rush I did not check them out and the stitching is poor and missing as well as rivets missing. With Winter coming I will need the chaps! I try to ride year round. I have ridden when it was 22 degrees and the old Harley hated it because it had a carburetor. My Indian is fuel injected so it should handle the cold better.

Guess this is all for now, meds onboard, injections done, lets call it a night!

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