Growing Pains

Havent had the time to write till now. Oh what a week i have had. Very eventful, but i still feel very relaxed. Unfortunately my job decided to part ways with me because i had a while till im healed from the car accident and they needed my position filled. Im not worried though i look at it as a sign to take timeand heal, focus on manifesting a better job, and really commit to my school work. Angel is telling me just to lay in bed take my meds and relax, but im a 24 year old free spirit who always likes to keep busy (hence the online journal). Something really cool is im getting into astronomy/astrology. I plan on ordering a telescope soon to really be able to study the stars, that is going to excite me so much. Lol (nerd).  Im also getting really into spirituality as a whole, Even though im already majoring in psychology ive decided to start taking non secular courses to obtain spiritual wisdom, we will see how that goes. Its funny because ive always wanted to just know stuff, ever since a kid. When i was 7 or 9 i asked the pastor of my church if God created everything who created God, She responded “Its not good to let your mind wonder that far.” But, ive always had a wondering mind. Anyways today is Sunday a day devoted to self care and lots of reading and studying, ill see you guys later. Always remember Mind is over matter & always remain in love, peace, and harmony. 

Mr. Magi 🕯

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