It’s been way too long since my last entry. I apologize for my absence, but life has keep me with very limited idle time and most of that I’ve spent sleeping.

My biggest update involves my precious princess, Toothless. If you’ve followed my older posts than you already know she has a large tumor wrapped around her spinal cord. Her condition (spinal lymphoma) is terminal and her prognosis is poor. Meaning supposedly she has zero chance of beating this.

For months sorrow tugged at my heart knowing my sweet girl only had a short time left in this realm. Every time my hand stroked her soft black fur I felt the sands of time speed up. Each moment left was bitter sweet.

Two weeks ago when Tropical Storm Whatever hit the Carolina coast we had a day with torrential rain. A mouse decided to take refugee in my house. A poor decision that ultimately he paid for with his life. ¬†Toothless was aware of the intruder. Yup, my crippled kitty caught a mouse. Tyrion (my wiry, hyper active kitten) knocked it out of her mouth while it still lived. The poor mouse realized it’s error, he was trapped in a house with 4 cats. For over 2 hours Toothless hunted the mouse. Finally she recaptured her prey, slit it’s stomach open, and ended her lethal hunt. She gave the dead mouse to Tyrion.

So my cat, supposedly terminal and wasting away spends her “remaining” time hunting. Interesting. She also resumed her habit of napping on top of the couch – something she couldn’t do during her lamer moments. I’m not wasting my energy worrying about her death anymore. It’s like she’s the cat she use to be. For this, I am grateful.

Work has been a constant wave of bull shit. I’m shocked by my big bosses lack of understanding. He assumes because he is a certain way that other people will automatically be that way too. How can one be so grown and yet so inexperienced? I joke that perhaps he has dementia. I may not be far from the truth of things. We are critically short of staff and the rest of us are burned out. Big bosses lack of empathy and respect for others causes a plague of people who give up and quit. We aren’t paid enough to be treated like crap.

I guess that’s of enough of an update for now. I’ll try to write more this week.


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