Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God

Someone wrote to me about a person who had devastatingly wronged her.  She asked how to get the hate out of her heart.  I decided to write a journal about it, because it is such a good question.  The title (above) is a Bible Verse.  It goes on to say, “And  renew a right spirit within me.”  It is so important to keep our hearts clean.  They are the golden vessels which contain all that we are, that God created for Himself in love.  Sometimes evil people or things happen and cloud our hearts full of dark smoke.  We can’t depend on the wrongdoer to fix this for us.  Chances are he/she couldn’t care less.  Keeping the hate in our hearts only hurts us, not them.  It is good to get the hurt out by journaling or talking with someone—really let it out.  Someone hurt me very deeply once and I drove out into the country and with windows up I yelled “I hate you!” until my throat was sore.  It actually eased the bitterness some.  Then I prayed to God to help me overcome my hate.  He said, in His Word, forgive your enemies, bless those who spitefully use you.  That’s a very tall order, isn’t it? Wow.  But I wanted my heart clean again, so I got to work, praying blessings on this person.  God helped me wonderfully, and all the “smoke” and darkness clear away with time and prayer.  I have no hard feelings now.  The beautiful part is how free and happy my heart is.  Now it is “empty” of hate, it can be full of love and of God Himself, and happiness and peace.  I’m not saying this is easy, friends, it is not easy.  But with God all things are possible.  And this is a prayer he always honors—-the desire to purify our hearts.  To make more room for God and His Kingdom and all the fruit of the Spirit:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Imagine having a heart filled with these things to enjoy and to share!  God can make you able to do it; it is a prayer He is eager to answer, because it honors His will and His ways.  I hope maybe this will be helpful to somebody out there.  We ALL get hurt in this life.  Our brokenness is a bond that makes us brothers and sisters.  Someone said, Life is like a glowstick.  Sometimes we have to be broken before we can shine.  Let your light shine, dear ones!  And cast all your cares on Him, for he cares for you.  1Peter5:7.  He can carry the burden that would crush you.  He is almighty.  He is delighted to lift your burdens off and take them on himself so you can breathe and dance and laugh again.  That’s my thought for today!   Blessings to you all!

4 thoughts on “Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God”

  1. That was so beautiful. May god give us the strength to have our hearts stay clean, light and pure regardless of the wrong doings people inflict on us. You are inspiring xx

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound smug. But often, it is also good for us to forgive someone because we are commanded to. Being familiar with psychology and therapy, our hearts are slow to let go, simply because the heart hangs on to the pain because it’s painful. This takes great discipline (something that I don’t have, wish I did), and some mental acrobatics. But there are ways to help the pain leave faster. Sometimes a counselor helps wonders.. especially a Christian counselor.

  3. Thank you, Blue. You make a good point! We are commanded to forgive. It’s not really optional in any way. It’s hard to find a good Christian counselor—-maybe just where I live, it’s hard. I went to one for years. He did help me a lot.

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