Day 197 – The Cursed Child

Sunday, September 11th 2016

Today was not the most interesting one, but fun. I went to church and unfortunately I don’t remember much… I know we discussed about 9/11, but the meaning of what he was saying, I forgot. Oh, I do remember parts of how we’re supposed to deal with people who are rude, disrespectful, etc. So there’s that. I know that people on the server can be pretty rude, so I need to be reminded to calm myself. I also talked with a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

When I got home I watched a lot of Harley Quinn and Joker fan films. Some are pretty… dark. I also played Dead by Daylight with staff, especially a JrMod who just got the game. Also read a little bit of Cursed Child and so far Albus (Harry’s son) is a jerk, oh my gosh, I REALLY don’t like his moody teenager thing going on right now. Just the things he said to his father… How DARE he. He could care less that his father was an orphan, that he lost his parents or almost died saving everyone and literally threw away something belonging to Lily and James towards Ron’s gift, ruining both things. I just got so furious when I read the dialogue. Scorpius (Draco’s son) on the other hand, I like. Funny and knows how to deal with stuff. Loved how he reacted on the train’s roof scene. Also, learned something interesting about the Trolley Witch.

That’s all for today.


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