Finding myself

I am going through one of those common phases of finding myself and trying to express myself. This is particularly with how I have been staying at home a bit too often and just want to feel less bored and more fulfilled. 

Well, luckily I have found some great ideas. Firstly, I have started taking Tap dance classes. Today was my first session and it seemed to go pretty good, but will continue to try out ofcourse, but it was something really lovely for a change. It was something completely new and fresh to me which made it an interesting experience! So hopefully that will continue to succeed.

I am also going to start The Senior Section of Girlguiding, which I think will be an amazing  thing for me to do, as I went online and read about it and it just all seemed so amazing and fulfilling, completely ideal. Also, I used to go to Girlguiding groups such as Rainbows and Brownies when I was younger, and I really enjoyed it then. I regret not going to Guides though now. I wish I’d went right after I finished Brownies to Guides and then straight to Senior Section right after I finished Guides. 

Luckily though, Senior Section caters to the ages of 14-26, so I still have plenty of chance and time to get involved as a member. I have also been lucky enough to be accepted as a member and I am going to be starting this Wednesday, which I am looking forward to but still ofcourse inevitably, naturally nervous about it! But then again, that’s life! There is also another group on Mondays for people of 18+ that doesn’t start until the 26th of this month, as this Wednesday group has just happened to turn out as a younger unit up to the age of 17, though I still might enjoy it as I get on great with all ages. In fact, sometimes I find people younger than me easier to get on with than people the same age as me and more interesting. It does vary though, as I can find that with people older than me too. But what I am going to do though is try out both groups and see which one I may prefer to stick to, or I could even stick to both which I have been given the chance to do! So it should be really interesting trying them both out and seeing what the experience is like, then deciding whether I’d prefer  just stick to one or stick to both!! Hopefully I will end up enjoying at least one of them anyway!! It does look amazing this Senior Section, as they get to do all sorts of interesting life experiences and accomplishments, as well as even getting to travel to various wonderful places!! It does seem like something truly fulfilling!!

Oh and also I am going to start doing more mentally engaging and productive pastimes in my free leisure time based at home, such as playing the piano more regularly by finding more music to learn to play! I did always enjoy playing piano when I was younger too! I am also going to definetly start reading more! I have luckily got some books that will help me occupy myself with reading more! 

So hopefully that will all turn out well and succeed in making me feel more fulfilled and complete!! 🙂 xxxx


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