Friday to San Francisco

Got up around 4 AM to get to LAX for the flight to San Francisco. Katelyn didn’t eventually make it but I had to bring her boarding pass just to in case. Had a good nap in the air for about an hour and got to SF at 8 in the morning. Anton and Nata came to pick me up at the airport and drove to their place in the downtown San Francisco. We didn’t do much in the day time since Anton had to work. Went to shopping and walk around little bit till night for the Friday night skate. Also got a chance to work on my favorite restaurant app again. Being with Anton just gets me going with developing applications lol.

Friday night skate was amazing as last time. We all have a lot of fun doing that. Maybe except for the hill part. I personally had a blast! So much fun to skate around the city of SF. We ended up back at the Ferry building at around midnight then hit the bar couple blocks away. Had a glass of beer with Subway sandwich. Good time. Took an Uber back home with Anton. Took a shower and went sleep around 1:30 AM.

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