homecoming hassle

i got my homecoming date.  You’re supposed to ask them in some cute way that is just too much but whatever its just society.  So he works at the pizza place like every single night so I was thinking I would ask with a pizza and have it say hoco in pepperonis or something.  Swell 11 pizza places later i get a place to d o it. She’s like super excited bc its how she was asked to prom. We’re all waiting at my friends house by the door for the pizza bc he will be over in a little to hang out so I can ask him. The doorbell rings. My 6 friends and I rush to the door to get it.  I pay the pizza man and run to see how it looks .. I literally.. I can’t. Its just a plain pepperoni pizza so we go out and chase the car and he asks to see the pizza

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