Last day in SF

Time flies as always. It’s already time to go back to home in LA. We started a day late after being up so late last night. Got up around 10:30 then had a quick dinner and getting ready, headed to the trampoline place next to the Golden Gate bridge. It’s been awhile to be at the trampoline place. Always end up there when I’m with Anton and Nata 🙂 I had so much fun there makes me wanna go again when I go back in LA too. Such a fun activity and also met some great people!

Back home, had some snacks and spent rest of the day working on my web app. Man, it really takes forever, I spent hours and it does not even seem like getting close to be done. However, I’m learning and making a good experience of developing an web app with React and Firebase. All good stuffs.

Got out of Anton and Nata’s place around 5 PM to the Ferry building to meet up with David and Naomi to discuss about the book. I wasn’t really sure what can I help with the book they have now but it became clear after talking to them in person and heard about what they need. I will help them with presentation of the content they have in the book in a way that is attractive and easy to read and scan. It seems to be a fun project and I’m excited to get involved although I don’t get paid. I’m happy to help and be a part of the thing that can potentially help skating community. We had a meeting over dinner at the Oakland airport till 8:20 PM before I went through the security check.

9:08 PM right now at Oakland airport. My flight got delayed to 10 PM and I’m writing my journal at the bar in the terminal. For now tho, I just want to go home, take a shower and sleep!

Goodnight all! hope u had a great weekend!

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