Learning Lessons

If you have read any of my other journals on here than you would know what I have been going through the last six months. I have learned so much about who I am and what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Back to a couple of journals ago, I had a friend who I considered my sister, but she had told a secret that I thought I could trust her with to my ex-boyfriend. Something he was not to know because it was no longer his business.

After almost 3 months of not talking to each other or anything of that sorts, we finally sat down with each other and talked everything out.

I forgave her which was my first mistake. My second mistake was thinking I could trust her again. I told her some things that I felt about the way she was treating me and she continued to tell her boyfriend, mom, sister, and father that I was being selfish and only thinking of myself when in reality this is what we had agreed on. We had agreed to tell each other how we were feeling because that was what we were getting into fights about before this.

After that I had gotten a new job and let it go because I wasnt wanting to fight anymore. So a few months go by and everything is fine, until het birthday showed up. The night before her birthday my boyfrined got into a serious car accident, to the point that his car was totaled and no longer has it now.

Her and I were suppossed to go to Seattle the next day on her actual birthday, but we ended up not going after SHE had told me not to worry about it and we made it a point to take the time out of the next weekend to go because he had gotten into the accident.

So after I started my new job and gotten through training, she decided she was going to freak out on me and tell me that I was a horrible friend and that she deserved better.. I was appauled from this..

We again stopped talking and then she continued to text me and call me horrible names and tell me how horrible of a person I was, ect..


I guess the moral of this story is to tell you that you can never just trust anyone and usually know that if you are fighting with someone constantly, you might not be the greatest of friends and it might not work out in the end..

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