Golden White Nails

Nail art isn’t my choice of beauty and stuff. I prefer the actual make up. However, I invite my friends over and do give myself a little nail-over when I get the chance I did my nails by myself and gave a friend some beautified nails as well. My left hand is getting steadier and steadier, gradually. I went with something gold and bling-y. I frequently change my nails, whether it be a simple solid color or glitz and glam. I Right now, my cat is watching me with so much intensity. I think Cuddles wants her nails painted. That would be…fun XD. Well, I guess I am fine now. Sasha left the house a few minutes ago, and I’m left with my adorable cat. I am trying to frequently update here. Journaling just helps me THINK, frees my mind from cluttering, and let’s me appreciate all the smiles I had shared the day. 😀 Thanks for reader! 🙂

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  1. Thanks, unscathed corpse ^_^ Btw, I love the username 🙂 XD

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