NOT Picture Perfect Day

I actually have the worst luck ever. This morning, I got a reminder that today was picture day and of course i have cow licks all over my head and a huge pimple and a cut on my lip that looks like i was in a fight or something. I woke up late but quickly tried to straighten my hair and make it look like I kind of care. I rushed to get out of the house and had to go back in to find my keys. As I run for the second time to my car the sprinklers feel the need to isolate towards me right then and soak the right side of my body.  I brushed it off as I quickly backed out and headed to school.  At this point I still don’t have my make up on so I attempt to do that without hitting anything. I don’t even have mascara.. like what!! I’m already looking like a naked mole rat fresh out of petco. I forgot where my parking spot was so that was like really cool.  I was running into school so i wouldn’t be late and the button cover my chest popped off and that was just super cool so i had to find a safety pin from the nurse.  I took my picture and like actually didn’t smile correctly at all the picture man even asked if i was okay bc thats just how horrible my face is i guess idk.. so yeah thats cool.  Sat by one of my ex boyfriends in anatomy while he talked crap to me the whole time I’m just trying to learn about tissues. Like boy i really don’t care what rude things you have to say today you are irrelevant and extra and your hair cut is ugly.   I was on my way to chapel when my homecoming date snapchat messaged me.  He’s a senior at a public school close to my school and he’s pretty cool. Well anyways he decides to jump out of bed this morning and dislocate his hips so I feel really bad for him but I also now have a date in a wheel chair but i guess we will be ROLLIN up together still…lol i hate myself..  Well my math teacher really decided that I was tardy today. I tried to tell her I wasn’t but she wasn’t feeling my attitude today so i may be in trouble for that later.  I decided to check my emails just to see what’s going on and stuff in that email life and i got a notification from the website I ordered my dress from. You probably saw this coming.  It was letting me know that the dress i ordered one week ago i actually sold out so now I need to find a new dress. My best fried doesn’t even want to go to our homecoming anymore:( She got a new boyfriend and he is a priority and I just wish she would come.. but oh well and she was being weird today like not even talking to me and she ditched us this weekend for him but ITS FINE, IM FINE… its 0nly lunch time so if anything else happens which it will ill let you know

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