Saturday at SF with Anton and Nata

Started a day at around 10 AM. Nata made an awesome breakfast for everyone and we headed out to Golden Gate park for the slalom competition for kids at around 12 PM. The weather turned out to be gloomy and chilly 🙁 which made me feel little down than usual and lazy. We stayed there to watch kids skating and skating around little bit for hours. It’s always nice to see kids skating who can potentially bring the skating back to the states.

We ended up skating around the park little bit and had a cup of coffee at the neighborhood. Went to check out the Japanese town after and had a lunch there. It was very interesting walking around there and also seeing lots of Korean places. We did a more walking after the lunch and ended up at the neighborhood where I was at the last time I was in SF. Fun times. We took an Uber back home then I took a nap for almost 2 hours. Dinner at home with lots of beer. I had 5 bottles of beers and worked on my web app till almost 4 in the morning. Anton was playing the game and Nata went sleep before midnight.

There are so many things to work on for the app and it never ends. It gets more complicated as I make more progress. I was kind of lost when I decided to go to sleep art 4 AM lol. However, it feels good to be passionate about a project after a long time of not. I enjoyed it!

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