A favorite meal

A favorite meal

I feel like most of my answers are a bit unconventional at times as this one will be. I can easily describe my favorite meal foodwise, it is homemade alfredo, penne and garlic bread. Now to describe my favorite meal has absolutely nothing to do with food, it has everything to do with the people sitting around the table.

My favorite meal is one that takes place with people that feed your soul. The people who laugh with you until your stomach hurts or who can see the hurt behind the smile as they lift you up emotionally. It’s the people who think nothing of reaching over to try your food because there are no boundaries amongst family/friends. The conversation changes from a serious debate to ridiculous laughter.

It is the kind of meal that you barely remember the food but the memories of the people last a lifetime.


*Often times it’s not what is served at the table but the faces around it that make the difference*


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