Day 198 – The Call

Monday, September 12th 2016

Today started out fun… so fun.

I found a spider in the bathroom, a big one, so I got everything I needed out of the bathroom and into my room (with a towel on top of my head whenever I had to pass underneath it) and then put a tower at the door crack so it doesn’t escape.

I went off to school and I had coding first. I enjoyed it, fun as always, then I had alimentation. We baked some sugar cookies and the other teams’ were way better to be honest. I was full for lunch, so I didnt eat much. I sat with my close friends as usual and we talked about what we didn’t like and liked about school.

Then I had technology class and Kohai and I started watching The Call (our teacher wondered why we weren’t working, but we explained) and THE CHARACTERS ARE SO FUSTRATING. (Spoilers) Why the heck did the girl redial? Did she not know that’d alert the killer? And THAT TUXEDO GUY WHO TELLS THE KILLER HIS LIGHT IS BROKEN AND HAS PAINT WHERE THE VICTIM IS TRYING TO ESCAPE AND THEN IS STUPID ENOUGH TO CALL 911 IN FRONT OF HIM AND THEN RUINING ALL CHANCE OF THE GIRL ESCAPING. Sorry, little of a rant, haha. It’s a really good movie so far though. I recommend it.

We finished with math class and studied for tomorrow’s quiz.

When I got home we lost the spider (but it was recently found in my bedroom, of course), I completed my math all while telling younger staff to do their math, and then I ate and played Dead by Daylight with one of them. I eventually went on the server because Kohai was and I caught someone with an afk machine. Then I proceeded to watch YouTube and read.

That’s all for today.

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