Just random stuff apparently.

I love you… Never thought I would say it again or even feel it. Do you believe in destiny? or fate? I wonder god has planned for me, what is it that I am destined to do? Am I to do great things… or fall flat. Maybe I’m not the protagonist but more of a support character. Like the wise old man that lives in a wooden home next to a waterfall and secretly knows kung fu lol. Yeah I watch way too much movies. I wanna live young while I still can, do dumb things, get in trouble with the law but nothing too serious like murder. That’s just pure stupidly if you ask me. I wanna go muddling and take long walks on short beaches. Ride the ocean waves. Late night drives with you. Jump into a water fountain while everyone watches us be immature. Now this is gonna sound corny but a kiss in the middle of the rain…. So I just realized that I have gone way off topic lol. It makes me laugh tho.

One thought on “Just random stuff apparently.”

  1. I thought that your journal entry was interesting so I read your other ones. I hope that isn’t creepy… But can I just say that I hope to meet someone who cherishes me like you cherish whoever your other journal entries are about. From what I’ve read you seem like you could be the ideal boyfriend. 🙂

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