My Monday journal

Back to the normal life in LA! the weather is definitely nicer here in LA even with clouds covering the sky. Perfect weather to skate to work. Work was good. I actually made lots of progress working on the form and I actually wanna do more! Could be a good project to write about but not sure if I have enough time for it. We had a lunch together at the Vietnamese place next door. I kind of missed Asian food after the weekend of lots of veggies 🙂 Stayed at the office till 6:40 PM then got a ride back to home from Brian. I was just holding his bike all the way down to my place. Just couple blocks before it. It was so much fun!

Drove to K-town to have a dinner with Dosung. Tried the Shabu Shabu place but it wasn’t very good compare to the price. I probably not going to go back there agin. Back to my place with some beer and drank it till little bit after 11 PM with my roommate. Well, she is a very interesting character that I don’t really know about lol. We had good time tho. Just took a shower after Dosung left my place and writing this. 12:16 AM now and I’m so ready to sleep! I got lots of things to do this week. It will be a busy week for me. Goodnight all.

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